aqilah (ninefournine) wrote,

(new girl) until noon

pairing: nick/jess
genre: romance
rating: t
229 words

"Come back to bed."

It's still early morning and she's flitting around the room, ignoring his request.
"I can't. I have to finish this by Monday and I left it to the last minute and –"

"Jess," he interrupts. "Come back to bed. Please."

Her head down, she traipses to it. He motions towards her and holds her hands.

"You have the whole day tomorrow."

"That's not enough time."

"Fine. Then how about we sleep in 'til noon, I'll help you get it all done by tonight, then tomorrow you can double-check to see if you've got everything. Sound like a plan?"

She exhales deeply and gives the suggestion a thought. "Alright," she agrees with hesitation.

He tugs on her in his direction in triumph as she crawls under the bed covers. In his arms, she cuddles and relaxes a little. They breathe in unison and close their eyes to drift off.

An hour later, they're on their backs, staring at the ceiling and panting. His right leg's sticking out from under the sheets while her hair is a messy halo atop his pillow.

On her side of the floor, his clothes are strewn about (boxer shorts, drawstring pants), as is hers on his side (matching set of polka dot pajamas and lacy panties).

"Nick," she tries to catch her breath. "What happened to sleeping in until noon?"
Tags: !fic, character: jess day, character: nick miller, genre: romance, pairing: nick/jess, rating: t
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